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What is Misdew?
We are a small social network with a relaxed community. We appreciate each and every one of our members. If you haven't already signed up for an account, why not give us a try?

Members have access to a variety of apps: Canvas [user profiles], Feed [public status], Chat [public chatroom], Mail [private messaging], Draw [create and share drawings], Cloud [uploading files], Alerts [site notifications], and Settings [alter site experience and security options].
This is an area where our members can post about anything that they desire. We enable others with the options to like, dislike, or comment on a post. Two of our most recent posts are below.
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A location within us that members can speak to each other in. It is like a giant group conversation that anyone can be a part of. We also offer a secret messaging feature which can be used by tapping a username. Below is a snippet of the four most recent messages.
sorry for spamming, i just suck at explaining things lol
since i sucked at explaining that, basically, i made a [small] reference to My Little Pony, one of the characters in MLP, one of the voice actresses in MLP, the icon i currently have [thanks @seledity], and my username
the reason i mentioned Ash is because someone inchat said ''ashes''. i took ''ash'' from that, made a reference to her, since she voices Dash, Dash is my icon since :ponything: is Dash, and :ponything: is an indirect reference to Ash and Dash since :ponything: is Dash, and Ash voices Dash