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This is an area where our members can post about anything that they desire. We enable others with the options to like, dislike, or comment on a post. Two of our most recent posts are below.
Since I’m a mod again I would consider trying to bring more people to this site, but there’s not much of a point since I’m in college now and there are no filters for social media.
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So I wasted my funds on misdew just for Justin’s soundboard to get removed so I want my refund Justin, That’s hard earned money right there.
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A location within us that members can speak to each other in. It is like a giant group conversation that anyone can be a part of. We also offer a secret messaging feature which can be used by tapping a username. Below is a snippet of the four most recent messages.
So why can't you shower at 1? That actually wakes people up?
Austin is a faggot
I still love you austin
Im tired. I passed out then woke up all sweaty and I cant take a shower since its like 1 and i cant wake anyone up ;-;