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What is Misdew?
We are a small social network with a relaxed community. We appreciate each and every one of our members. If you haven't already signed up for an account, why not give us a try?

Members have access to a variety of apps: Canvas [user profiles], Feed [public status], Chat [public chatroom], Mail [private messaging], Draw [create and share drawings], Cloud [uploading files], Alerts [site notifications], and Settings [alter site experience and security options].
This is an area where our members can post about anything that they desire. We enable others with the options to like, dislike, or comment on a post. Two of our most recent posts are below.
holy shit this acc still exists
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Misdew Discord Server:
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A location within us that members can speak to each other in. It is like a giant group conversation that anyone can be a part of. We also offer a secret messaging feature which can be used by tapping a username. Below is a snippet of the four most recent messages.
5mdf is still a alot - mostly
nathan, do me a huge favour and dont say anything. everything is fine lol
i honestluy feel like nathan will be the first one to notice what happened since he uses DS mode and certain attributes are visible as soon as you open DS chat
anyone here have PSN?

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